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 "Right from the start, Depi and Energy Theatre impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We have worked with Depi both as a performer and attended her workshops as a client. As a solo performer she is, passionate, inspiring and knows how to ignite her audience. Her workshop was filled with energy and she has an ability to connect with her audience at an emotional level which makes a lasting impression. Her vision, ambition and desire to push the barriers, is truly inspirational. She is a consummate professional with the potential to infect any event with her unstinting enthusiasm. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response following Depi’s performance and look forward to working with her and Energy Theatre in what is always an uplifting experience."

Sonya Robotham
Director of Vox Feminarum
Derby UK
November, 2011


"I have been working with Despoina Mavropoulou during 2007-2010. We have been collaborating in artistic projects and co-leading workshops about body awareness and creativity. In my opinion, Despoina Mavropoulou is creative, innovative and skillful as a group leader, teacher and performing artist. She is very committed and motivated and takes care of her continual professional development. Mavropoulou is also qualified in body psychotherapy, which gives good skills for understanding group dynamics, body/mind processes and interaction between people."

Laura Mannila
Psychotherapist, body psychotherapist, performing artist
June, 2011


Very supportive. I felt in very safe hands. You said “I am with you”, and I really knew you were! I think it was wonderful the way you work with people. You are very strong in an open way that is so giving and skilful, knowledgeable and encouraging. Challenging but in safe hands. It was amazing for me at this time – so meaningful and significant. Facing the blockage was very difficult for me but I said I’m not afraid of you anymore and I feel a great release. I feel stronger now and relieved of pressure .It was amazing. More please!

- K. M. actress – Derby, UK, 2011


It benefited me very much. It was a medicine to my soul and I learned how to say “Yes” to me and to love me. It made me feel really comfortable in relation to a character.

- E. K. actress – Athens, Greece, 2006


A fun and energising workshop. A good balance between movement and stillness/reflection. A good way to, through movement and music, interact with yourself and others and then verbalise/share your experience intimately with another person through the camera exercise, I enjoyed it a lot.

- A. C.   – film maker, London UK, 2009


The facilitator showed her empathy and she helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable due to her great personality. Interesting to see how this works linked with dramatherapy.

- C. G-C. actress / drama therapist – Nottingham, UK, 2011


Fantastic. Amazing. More workshops.

- J. C. visual artist – Derby, 2011


Energy Theatre made me take my time to think and not to rush saying my lines and finish. I pay more attention to myself and the way it appears. I put things in an order. On a personal level it helped me to fight my anxiety by breathing, to find some time for me and to put LIMITS that I had never before in my life.

- E. S. –Athens, 2005


At first I wasn’t sure but as I got into the workshop I became more comfortable and open to it. Your years of experience really show in how well you work. I feel privileged to have been here today.

- J. S-C. visual artist, sculpture – Derby, 2011


The workshop with Depi was invigorating and good fun. She explained first some of the concepts around Energy Theatre and then led us through a series of exercises to get us more into the moment and into our bodies which really left me feeling 100% alive. I would be very interested to take this process further in the future.

- S.S.   opera singer/actor – London, 2009


I think this approach applies to everyone, not just artists or “creative people”. It’s a unique process, really useful. More time, more workshops please.

- A.T. actress / visual artist – Derby, 2011


Loved how you created a safe place to express. Loved the workshops – gained a lot from it. A lot of self-realisation, self-awareness and acceptance. Feel this has renewed my confidence, focus and motivation.

-I. K-J. actress – Nottingham, 2011


Very supportive. I learned quite a lot about why I am blocked and recaptured some of my original excitement about creativity.

- T. H. – Derby, 2011


I found body awareness and acting workshop inspiring with the sensational combination of different elements from fields such as psychotherapy, dance, music and theatre. Observing, being observed and be aware of others as well as myself through Depi’s invitation made me feel in ‘here and now’ with the increasing energy during the workshop. Thank you.

- S. G. dance movement therapist – London, 2009


Just to say thank you for a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the workshop very much. Well done.

- S. R. – Derby, 2011


I found the workshop very well-organised. It was quite insightful and beneficial.

- M. K. music therapist – Derby, 2011



- J. S. drama & movement practitioner – Derby, 2011


It benefited me in realising things about myself and in the way of approaching a character. It also benefited me in my everyday life, helping me to reduce stress and to communicate better with the people around me.

- N. T. – Athens, 2008


Great activities. Loved the re-use of positive statement.

- M. C. – Derby, 2011


It is a great course. It really helped me because I became aware of listening to my needs and recognising the signs that the body was giving to me. I learned how to relax and to be more in touch with my inner self and my acting skills.

- R. M. – 2005


Excellent workshop. Needs more sessions so people can develop further. More sessions.

- G. W. visual artist – Derby, 2011


It was the first course of acting in which the teacher was giving clear instructions and there was a logical and scientific support to step up. The exercises helped me very much to let myself free, to feel more comfortable, and to have a better connection to my body. This had the result of making me more able to approach a role more easily. Also, the way that we have been taught to approach a part was more effective and helped me understand how I should work in the development of the character.

- G. L. – Athens, 2003


The facilitator was very knowledgeable. Great workshop, really enjoyed the experience, would like to do more.

- R. Y. actress/writer/theatre practitioner – Nottingham, 2011


Dear Depi. First of all you are an amazing person! For me this course has been a challenge. There have been really difficult times but now in the end I’m really recovered and happy. I can’t even remember when I’ve been so happy. I’m also full of thoughts. I’m really happy that you come to Finland. Hope we will see each other again.

- M. P. – Orivesi, Finland, 2010


I realised that I like theatre and I should not feel the fear of expressing myself, and being exposed in front of the audience. It benefitted me because I am not thinking so much about my mistakes on stage but I learn from them and I let myself be more free.

- A. M. – Athens, 2002


More of such workshops need to take place.

- N. D. dancer / dance facilitator – Nottingham, 2011


Depi had experiences that were shared with me which helped me relate to someone else. It’s reassuring for me to be with her.

- G. H. – Nottingham, 2011