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Energy Theatre training is aimed at professionals who want to improve their skills in acting and performing.
It offers a unique combination of physical theatre and acting improvisation work with Western body psychotherapeutic techniques blended with some Eastern active meditative exercises. It develops self-consciousness and stage awareness at the same time. It helps performers to enrich their professional work through understanding more about body types and personalities - character analysis-  from Reichian body psychotherapy, and on a personal level to increase their energy, be more grounded and focused through specific bodywork - vegetotherapy - which helps them to support themselves in a very competitive profession.
Depi is an experienced actress and body psychotherapist and she creates a safe environment where performers can work through any issues that may be preventing them connecting with a particular role.

Energy Theatre training can also lead to greater harmony and wellbeing in life off stage as well.

Energy Theatre training benefits include:

•    Acquiring rhythm, balance and strength on stage.
•    Releasing blocked energy.
•    Releasing any physical or emotional problems which prevent performers
     developing a specific part or character.
•    Exploring the connections between body and mind through visualisation, relaxation
      and meditation techniques coupled with bodywork, dance, acting, improvisation,
      grounding, body expression and breathing exercises.
•    Loosening the emotions through appropriate exercises and techniques.
•    Developing an inner connection; a connection with their fellow actors and an
      honest connection with the audience.
•    Creating stronger bonds of communication and co-operation within groups and
•    Supporting greater harmony within a performing team and theatrical company.
•    Rediscovering fun through positive interaction and evaluation.
•    Developing confidence, self-esteem and greater awareness.
•    Transforming any weaknesses and issues into creative tools.

There are three levels of Energy Theatre training.

In part I the participant reconnects with their body physically and emotionally through breathing, grounding exercises, relaxation techniques, meditation. There is a focus on monologues and character work with an exploration of the emotional expression of unconscious body messages.

Depi uses the performers’ body messages and any blockages in a creative way to enable them to become a positive element of developing a part or character. Problems can be transformed into a real acting advantage.

In part II the participant works with a partner and a team in scenes and exercises that are more advanced from vegetotherapy to unblocking the different parts of the body. This part of the training also includes relaxation techniques, developing concentration, grounding exercises and authentic movement and dance.

Part III is a more advanced training which involves more complicated and challenging exercises. The team works together and explores group dynamics in a professional setting. This leads to an exploration of the elements needed for devised performance and different types of performances.

Energy Theatre training ran from 2002 – 2009 at Theater of Changes in Greece, with two-hour sessions every week. It proved popular with professional performers and quickly gained an excellent reputation.


April – June, Energy Theatre Centre, Athens, Greece
Energy Theatre Training I, II, III

January – March, Energy Theatre Centre, Athens, Greece
Energy Theatre Training I, II, III


Sept – May, Energy Theatre Centre, Athens, Greece
Energy Theatre Training I, II, III