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October 30, Quad, Derby, UK
Poetry performance with Vox Feminarum Community in Wright of Derby Festival.

October 29, Derby Museum and Art Gallery, UK
Women The Distance Travelled participating in a panel in a women debate with academics, scientists and activists in Wright of Derby Festival.

September 14, Derby Conference Centre, UK
Energy Theatre presentation as part of My Journey to European Citizenship Project’s Summary - launch event of Somali Education and Welfare Foundation.

September 15-16, Manchester, UK
Decibel Performing Arts Festival

August 31 – June 1, Derby, UK
Volunteer counsellor & workshop leader for New Communities in Social Enterprise (ncise-Derbyshire).



October 29 – November 1 Vienna, Austria
12th EABP International Congress of Body Psychotherapy

May 9, Athens, Greece
Conference for Body Psychotherapists by Hellenic Association of Body Psychotherapy (PESOPS)

April 24 – 25, Athens, Greece
Conference of Hellenic Association for Counselling for psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers and students of mental health


November 3-22, London, UK
International Festival for Theatre and Arts, Theatro Technis

October 31, London, UK
2nd London Greek Film Festival


November 8-11, Paris, France
11th EABP International Congress of Body Psychotherapy



November 7-10, Marathon, Greece
9th EABP International Congress of Body Psychotherapy