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Based in London, Energy Theatre is a unique training for professional actors and performers that draws on Character Analysis and Vegetotherapy from W Reich’s Body Psychotherapy  method. It can unblock the body and help people to be more inspired and creative. It enables people to connect with their emotions, feelings and sensations so that they can perform roles with truth and realism and at the same time benefit them on a personal level too. Energy Theatre helps people to reconnect with their bodies through grounding, breathing, bodywork and relaxation exercises. Students of Energy Theatre acquire heightened levels of rhythm, strength and balance on stage, release blocked energies and learn to transform any weaknesses and problems into powerful creative tools.

Energy Theatre training is also a great experience for people working in areas outside the performing arts field - such as health and psychiatry - to support their clients and to enrich their work with body psychotherapeutic exercises of Reichian work.

Amateur actors – and anyone who would like to learn more about themselves through using bodywork in a creative environment - will also gain through this training. Working together as a group, participants will have fun and become more creative through bodywork, relaxation, dance, movement and improvisation. Benefits include gaining new energy and optimism which can have real health benefits.

Energy Theatre is the creation of actress and body psychotherapist Depi Mavropoulou and she has been helping groups and individual performers unlock their full creative potential since 2001.

The majority of sessions use body psychotherapy techniques and exercises only to support the creative process and NOT for therapeutic or mental health reasons (energy theatre training for practitioners and amateurs) – unless specific sessions are requested by mental health groups.
Energy Theatre is NOT dramatherapy.

Contact Depi to find out more about the benefits she could bring to your group or organisation.